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Meet Kaylin Ford, LPC

I’m Kaylin Ford, LPC and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in the Philadelphia area. I received my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, and specialize in depression, anxiety, life transitions and minority mental health.​


I help clients identify their fears, triggers and stressors that are holding them back from living a more fulfilling life. I utilize CBT and incorporate a Strengths Based approach to empower clients and assist with creating the road map to achieving their goals. I provide psycho-education and assist with developing healthy coping skills.


Deciding to start therapy can be scary, but we can navigate these challenges together.

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Practice Areas




Adolescent Therapy

Being an adolescent can be difficult as you try to navigate friendships, school, social media and finding your identity. I help adolescents who are struggling with depression and anxiety, identify their strengths, and learn coping skills to get them through everyday life stressors. 

As a young adult, it is easy to feel the increased pressure to "have everything together." Navigating transitioning life events such as going to college and selecting a major, and graduating and finding a job can be stressful moments. It's okay to "not have it all together," but I can assist you with creating the road map to achieving your goals. 

Adult Therapy

As adults, we have lots of external stressors such as managing our friendships and relationships, our careers, and our families. This often leads us to feeling “stuck, but we can work together to identify steps you can take to live a more fulfilling life.


Family Therapy

We may not always get along with our families, and we may have differences in opinions. However, we can work together to ensure everyone has a voice and is heard to assist with creating a safer home environment.


Group Therapy

We all have different stories and backgrounds, but can share the same feelings. Group therapy allows us to see that there are others who share our experiences. This type of therapy offers support through peer-to-peer interaction.


Christian Counseling

Faith can be an important part of everyday life and can assist individuals with navigating the world around them. Christian-based counseling is offered to clients upon requested. 

Practice Areas
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